Life’s a journey, welcome to ours!

Our adventure with off grid living all began with my little vintage travel trailer.  We purchased a vintage 1973 Shasta travel trailer, with the intent of hitting the road and exploring the back roads of america.  After months of restoration, (read all about it here) and after just one trip in our vintage travel trailer, my hopes and dreams were dashed.  My husband hated towing it, although he loves taking road trips, he was stressed out the whole time we were on the road. It swayed all over the place, granted it was very windy that day, and although our vehicle was more that adequate to tow it, it worried my husband that it was stressing out our vehicle.  We found a beautiful piece property with its own private lake.  The only caveat to this was that it was in the middle of no where and had no available electric or water hook ups.


That is when we started researching off grid living.  Lucky for us, off grid living has been gaining quite a bit of popularity lately.  It has made the subject of off grid living fairly easy to research.

Although we loved our little vintage travel trailer, and our little lake in the woods, we ended up selling it.  You see, my husband is 6’6″ and the roof height of our trailer was only 6’5″ so it was impossible for John to stand up straight.

We decided to sell the travel trailer and was in the process of getting a tiny shed that we were going to turn into a little off grid cabin, however, we stumbled upon another piece of property that suited us and was a lot less money than the one pictured above.  It is still on a private lake, we just have to share it with a few more people. So, begins the reason for this blog. We have a different piece of property, and a new adventure awaits us as we start work on our little cabin in the woods.